Foto DNA: © quimono – pixabay.com



Cows and bacteria:

Foto cows: © Jonatan Rundblad – stock.adobe.com

Foto bacteria: © Matthew McIntosh

Talking bacteria: 

Foto dots: © Matthew McIntosh

Foto telephone: © AA+W – stock.adobe.com

Plastic waste: 

Foto biodegradable: © Olivier Le Moal – stock.adobe.com

Foto plastic waste: © vchalup – stock.adobe.com

Biodegradable Plastic:

Foto wheat stubs: © Comofoto – stock.adobe.com

Foto bacteria: © Matthew McIntosh


Foto – Sustainability Award, 3rd place, © Matthew McIntosh

       Foto – Pharmaceutical industry, pixabay.com

        Foto – Bioplastics industry, pixabay.com

        Foto – Food Industry, pixabay.com

Foto – Current projects, pixabay.com

        Foto – Model of an RNase complex – © Vasundra Srinivasan

        Foto – Increasing PHB accumulation in Cupriavidus necator by increasing cell volume – pixabay.com

        Foto –  Production of curdlan from waste, © Matthew McIntosh, Jan Will / https://jw-studio.de/ 

        Foto – Quorum sensing as a system of production in R. sphaeroides, © Matthew McIntosh

        Foto – Identifying marine bacteria that are efficient at PHB degradation, pixabay.com

Foto – Curdlan is a classical bacterial product used in industry. How do bacteria use it?: © Matthew McIntosh, Jan Will / https://jw-studio.de/ 

        Foto – Curdlan growth on plant extract, © Jan Will / https://jw-studio.de/


Interview with Urs Hänggi, Biomerhttp://www.biomer.de/

        Foto -Interview with Urs Hänggi, Biomer, pixabay.com

Foto – Rising cost of food and plastics, pixabay.com

Foto –‘Is it possible???’, pixabay.com

Foto – Turning local agricultural waste into bioplastic, pixabay.com

Foto – Patent filed, © quimono – pixabay.com

Foto – Time to update the biology text books — bacteria in shock, pixabay.com

Foto – Microplastic in our food and water, pixabay.com

Foto – How can we use waste for PHB production?, pixabay.com

Foto – High producer mutant–genetic alteration causes four times higher PHB production, © Matthew McIntosh

Foto – Bioplastic from food waste, pixabay.com

Foto – Industry-led solutions to the problem of plastic, pixabay.com

Foto – Plastic recycling for clean pyrolysis oil, pixabay.com

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Foto DNA: © quimono – pixabay.com


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